Tech Tip

Don't all of us wish there have been more hours in our day? Not realize that there's never plenty of time to get everything done? Do you reminisce at the end of your day and wonder what on earth you've accomplished that day?

Tech Tip

If any of these scenarios ring true to you, you're not alone! However, there are a few small, time-saving technologies will automate or speed up what you'll receive done to save one hour (or even more) in your day. Here are some in our favorites:

Make use of an aggressive SPAM filter-Over 80% with the emails being sent daily are SPAM. You're probably receiving a large number of these every day cluttering increase in-basket and simply adding up to 5-10 minutes each day with time wasted sorting through and deleting in the emails that you just do want. We recommend an outside SPAM filtering service, as it has been shown capture malicious, virus-laden emails that can threaten entire networks, in addition to individual users. Plus, eliminating SPAM temptations from the staff's email won't reduce wasted time, and often will also drastically reduce your chances of getting viruses and spyware on your pc or network.

Replace Old PCs-While it's difficult to estimate how much total time is wasted waiting on an old, sluggish computer to begin up and process will mount up! If the old PC takes Ten seconds longer to process an activity, plus a typical user averages 100-150 tasks each day...that's 16-25 minutes of wasted time each day. Add the crashes and other problems old PCs cause and you're simply better 30-35 minutes each day per employee!

Keep your Network-Diligent updating, patching and optimizing your server and workstations is essential! Would certainly be surprised how much slower a good new machine will quickly run or even maintained properly.

Manage Your Documents-Scanning and storing paper documents to allow them to be searched determined within minutes as opposed to minutes or hours is a HUGE time saver. Plus, it's a greener solution, improves document security, enables users to access critical documents remotely and prevents important papers from loss or damage.

Tech Tip

Implement Business Collaboration Software-How a lot of time is wasted inside your office because people are duplicating efforts simply because they cannot find the information and documents they want? This may be hard to calculate, but we could conservatively think that no less than 30 minutes a day or even more may be wasted as a result of disorganization. That's why we propose growing companies implement some form of collabo­ration software that will assist organize projects and data, keeping everyone on the same page.